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Christopher Enterprise Corp. was founded in 1976 as a window covering product development and manufacturing company located in Taiwan. We offer a wide variety of custom and ready made products across various categories. Because of our firm belief in designing and delivering the newest products to our customers, our product development team travel to various regions of the world in order to explore new ideas, and collect product intelligence to be able to remain competitive. Engineers and manufacturing team work closely with our customers to develop specific products tailored to their needs. 

We adhere to the highest standards in our manufacturing processes; all orders are completed and shipped in the most efficient manner. Our business was founded on three basic fundamentals:


1. Quality: consistent and uncompromising: our top priority.
2. Service: personal and efficient: key to our success
3. Pricing: always competitive.


​Window Covering

- Components for Motorized / Remote Control Blinds and Shades

- Roller / Roman / Sunscreen shade fabrics

- Window Covering Components/Machinery

- Window Covering Accessories

- Ready made blinds

- Faux wood / Aluminum venetian


- Product sourcing

- Strategic Product development

- Design customizing

- Product Manufacturing

- Quality inspection


Christopher Enterprise’s expertise of product sourcing, development, design, and manufacturing will continuously evolve to meet market demands. Through problem-solving research and design, the company seeks to develop innovative solutions that truly meet our customer’s needs for a better living and working environment.



With our expertise on innovative product development and manufacturing, we help our customers achieve market expansion and delivery of durable, high quality window covering products.


For customers: An easy, friendly, satisfying experience in communicating, product developments and manufacturing.


For us: A company that inspires, recognizes and develops talented people who act with integrity and are committed to make a difference.


Christopher Enterprise’s network of consultants, designers and manufacturers offer customers an array of expert services that ease the burden of product sourcing, designing, quality inspection and most importantly manufacturing. Our strength is the ability to take projects from the initial design all the way through to final completion. Our long-term business emphasis will always be the Commitment to integrity in product quality and business relationships with our customers.

If you are interested in any of the product, or have an OEM request, please feel free to contact us! Our staff will be in touch soon!

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